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​ Privacy Policy

The Government Online Portal is the entry point of the websites of the different departments of Mauritius.


It is intended that the Government Online Portal can be used anonymously. No personal information shall be collected from you, unless you provide it voluntarily. You will know if the Government Online Portal is collecting personal information from you because you will be requested to provide it. There are two exceptions to this.

The first exception is where someone else provides the Government Online Portal or any government department websites with your personal information. The Government Online Portal cannot prevent this.

The second exception is where the Government Online Portal collects statistics using software techniques such as clickstream data or cookies.

Clickstream data refers to a visitor’s logs and statistics that provide information about a user’s online experience without, however, identifying the individual’s personal information. Examples of clickstream data that may be collected include times, and dates of visits, webpages accessed and files downloaded.

Cookies are pieces of information generated by a web server and stored in the user’s computer, ready for future access. Cookies make use of user-specific information transmitted by the web server onto the user’s computer so that the information might be available for later access by itself or other servers. The Government Online Portal does not use cookies to identify users.

If the Government Online Portal requests you to provide personal information, you will be informed of the particular purposes for which that information is collected, used and/or disclosed. Any personal information collected will not be kept longer than is necessary, and will be deleted once the feedback requirement is met. Adequate security measures have been taken to prevent loss, misuse and/or alteration of your personal information.

You may request access to your personal information that the Government Online Portal may have collected. You also have the right to request for the correction of any inaccuracies with respect to personal information held on you, or where you can establish that the information is incomplete or not up to date.

If there are any changes to this privacy policy, we will update the policy. It is therefore in your interest to check the ‘Privacy Policy’ page every time you access the Government Online Portal.