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Fisheries Protection Service​


The setting up of the Fisheries Protection Service (FPS) began in the year 1947 with the arrival of Mauritian National ex-Servicemen. Then​ the British Government constituted a small team that was paid a minor allowance to control fishing activities around the island.

Ultimately in 1948, the Service was legally established with the enactment of Ordinance No 7 of 1948.

Officers were posted throughout the island and were assigned duties on a full fortnight basis with one weekend off. The labour force at that time constituted of some twenty staff members.

After independence, the need to strengthen the FPS was badly felt.  Accordingly, the Fisheries Act No 22 of 1970 was enacted and the FPS recruited massively. The process continued and in 1983 the labour force of the FPS constituted of more than two hundred staff members.

The Fisheries Laws were subsequently amended with a view to ensuring efficient control and surveillance. The Fisheries Act No 22 of 1970 was subsequently repealed and replaced by the Fisheries Act No 5 of 1980 which in turn was replaced by the Fisheries Act No 22 of 1998 and the last one in force is the Fisheries Act No 27 of 2007. Simultaneously, all these Acts were supported by Regulations under Government Notices.

Nowadays, the FPS is the enforcement arm of the Ministry of Blue Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping with proper infrastructure, logistic and equipment.  It caters for an efficient control over the fishing activities not only in lagoon and off lagoon but also in respect of regional fishing under bilateral conventions and regional cooperation with joint patrol under the Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (M.C.S) Programme in the EEZ and over territorial waters of the Republic of Mauritius.

    Main Responsibilities:

  • Enforcement of Fisheries Legislation to combat illegal fishing, to protect the marine environment and to ensure marketing of fish and fish products safe for human consumption.
  • Monitoring of fishing activities for policy decision
  • Ensuring safe marketing of fish and fish products at Fish Landing Stations, Sales Points & Fishing Port.
  • Collection of fisheries statistics for scientific purposes
  • Provision of information on prevailing weather and sea state to Meteorological Services for weather forecast.
  • Consultation with fishermen on development projects and other issues relating to Fisheries.

       Services Provided:
  • Control and surveillance of lagoon and off lagoon fishing
  • Issue of fishmonger's licence
  • Inspection of fish quality at sales points
  • Registration and Issue of fisherman cards
  • Registration of fishing boats
  • Inspection of fishing vessels for safety and security compliance before authorisation is obtained for fishing trip
  • Provision of information related to fisheries sector to stakeholders
  • Issue of licence for fishing gear.
  • Renewal of large nets, gill nets and bait nets licences
  • Payment of bad weather allowance on days declared bad, to registered artisanal fishers
  • Payment of close season allowance to net fishers during close period from October to end of February of each year
  • Participation in search and rescue exercise at sea
  • Sensitisation of fishermen and the public on matters relating to the Fisheries Sector
  • Maintain and update data on all registered bank and artisanal  fishermen and boats

       Training of Recruits at Police Training School:
    Newly recruited Fisheries Protection have to undergo training with the Police at the Police Training School, Beau Bassin.  The subjects covered amongst others: officer safety, drill and self-defence.

       Officers undergoing training in self-defence

  • ​Passing Out Ceremony at Police Training School


Contact details:

​Hotline: 8001011

SNFisheries Posts/ Units/ SectionTelephone No:Fax No:
1.      Head Office2112470-75,
2087958, 2081929
2.      Grand Gaube (Regional HQ North)2880894/ 28811342880894
3.      Tombeau Bay24749202474920
4.      Trou aux Biches2657130/ 26551282657130
5.      Poudre d'Or 28396762839676
6.      Poste Lafayette (Regional HQ East)41051304105130
7.      Trou d'Eau Douce48021544802154
8.      GRSE41769124176912
9.      Mahebourg (Regional HQ South)6319539/ 6313940    6319539       
10.   Blue Bay Marine Park63123166312316
11.   Bambous Virieux63400926340092
12.   Riambel62550186255018
13.   Baie du Cap62259556225955
14.   La Preneuse (Regional HQ West)48365214836521
15.   Case Noyale48365214836521
16.   Pointe aux Sables23470732347073
17.   Prosecution Unit21247632127261
18.   Flying Squads21247632127261
19.   Port State Control Unit20628302062809
20.   Import & Export Section20628202062809


Protocol regarding Complaints

One centralised Hotline at Mahebourg Fisheries Post – 8001011

  1. Complaints received are screened - whether they fall within the purview of the Fisheries Protection Service.  If yes, try to obtain accurate information from the informer and same channelled to officer in charge of the region concerned.

     Simultaneously, same information is passed over to all officers in charge of Flying Squads for any squad nearer to the place of occurrence, to intervene.
  3. Any positive result is forwarded to the hotline unit, which in turn will submit the information to the Controller FPS every morning through a written report on the activities of hotline.

  4. In case of no result, instruction issued to Flying Squads and other officers of the region to effect regular patrol in the said spot/region.

    If this does not fall under our jurisdiction, information is channeled to NCG and to other relevant competent Authorities, subject to hotline being available.

Fish Landing Station:

It is a prescribed area near the shore where fishermen land their catch. (Section 20 of the Fisheries & Marine Resources Act 27/2007).

There are 61 prescribed Fish Landing Stations around the island whereby FPS officers monitor the fish quality, quantity and the record of statistics (GN 18 of 1983 and GN 169 of 1984) as listed below:

SN​Fish Landing StationsSNFish Landing StationsSNFish Landing Stations
1Grand River North West21Poste de Flacq41Bambous Virieux
2Bain des Dames22Belle Mare42Grand Sables
3Roches Bois23Trou D'eau Douce43Petit Sables
4Baie du Tombeau24Morcy44Souillac(Battelage)
5Pointe aux Piments25Palmar45Riambel
6Trou aux Biches26Grand River South East46St Felix
7Pointe aux Cannonier27Camp des Pecheurs47Baie du Cap 1
8Grand Bay28Deux Freres48Baie du Cap 2
9Grand Gaube I29Quatre Soeurs49St Martin
10Grand Gaube II30Mahebourg50Baie du Jacotet
11Melville31Ville Noire51Le Morne
12Missie Pitit32Grand Port I52La Gaulette
13St Francois33Grand Port II53Case Noyale
14Cap Malheureux34Blue Bay54Petite Riviere Noire
15Bain des Boeufs35Pointe D'Esny55La Preneuse
16Poudre d'Or36Le Bouchon56Tamarin
17Roche Noires37Rivière des Creoles57Black River
18Pointe des Lascars38Anse Jonchée58Flic en Flac
19Bain de Rosnay39La Sourdine59Albion
20Poste la Fayette40Bois des Amourettes60Pointe aux Sables I
    61Pointe aux Sables II


Role of the Fisheries Protection Service in case of emergency.

  1. During the cyclone warning flags are hoisted at all the fisheries posts around the island so as to inform the fishermen community as well as the public.
  2. Fishermen are warned not to set out at sea and if ever any fisherman is still at sea attempts are made to contact him through phone and in case communication is not possible, the local NCG is informed for necessary action needed.
  3. All fishermen are informed to secure their fishing boats and equipment in a safe place and to take other precautions as needed.
  4. If a fisherman is lost at sea, NCG is informed for search and rescue operation and necessary assistance is provided by Fisheries Protection Service.
  5. Whenever there is a case of fish mortality or water pollution, AFRC is immediately informed as precautionary measures samples of water and fish are collected for analysis and the public is advised not to collect the dead fish.
  6. In case of the presence of 'meduses' or red tide in the lagoon, the Fisheries Protection Service will have to inform members of the public not to venture in that area of the lagoon

Summary on the No. of Contraventions:

YearTotal No of Cases ReportedLength of Illegal Nets Seized (metres)
2011446  7,785



Illegal fishing articles being disposed of