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                               Merchant Shipping Regulations​

​1.Merchant Shipping (Security of Ships) Regulations 2019​​​
​GN No. 124 of 2019
​2. ​GN No. 47 of 2019
​3.The Merchant Shipping (Port State Control) Regulations 2018​GN No. 114 of 2018
​4.The Merchant Shipping (Weight Verification Of Containers) Regulations 2018   ​GN No. 113 of 2018
​5.The Merchant Shipping (Maritime Training Provider) Regulations 2018​GN No. 112 of 2018
​6.   Merchant Shipping (Certificate of Competency and Certificate of Proficiency) Regulations 2018​GN No. 68 of 2018
7.Merchant Shipping (International Safety Management) (ISM Code)  Regulations 2018​GN No. 67 of 2018
​8.The Merchant Shipping (Tonnage) Regulations 2017​GN No. 147 of 2017
9.The Merchant Shipping (Safe Manning, Hours of Work and  Watchkeeping) Regulations 2017​GN No. 144 of 2017
10​​.   The Merchant Shipping (Training and Certification) Regulations 2017​GN No. 143 of 201
11.Merchant Shipping (Registration of Submersible Craft) Regulations 2017​GN No. 142 of 2017
​12.    Merchant Shipping (Classification Society) Regulations 2017​GN No. 141 of 2017
​13.   Merchant Shipping (Preliminary Inquiries and Formal Investigations of Shipping Casualties) Regulations 2017​GN No. 140 of 2017
14.Merchant Shipping (National Maritme Search  and  Rescue Organisation) Regulations 2017​GN No. 139 of 2017
15.The Merchant Shipping Act 2007GN No. 120 of 2007
16.Merchant Shipping (Fees) Regulations 2009
GN No. 58 of 2009
17.Merchant Shipping (Ships' General Practitioners) Regulations 2009GN No. 57 of 2009
18.Merchant Shipping (Registration of Ships) Regulations 2009GN No. 105 of 2009
19.Merchant Shipping (Seafarer's Welfare Fund) (Amendment) Regulations 2007GN No. 41 of 2007
20.Merchant Shipping (Seafarer's Welfare Fund) (Amendment) Regulations 2006GN No. 49 of 2006
21.Merchant Shipping (Seafarer's Welfare Fund) (Amendment) Regulations 2005GN No. 208 of 2005
22.Merchant Shipping (Distress Signal and Prevention of Collisions) Regulation 2004
GN No. 123 of 2004
23.Merchant Shipping (Safety of Fishing Vessels) Regulations 2000
GN No. 128 of 2000
24.Merchant Shipping (Bank fishing Dories) Regulations 2000
GN No. 127 of 2000
25.Merchant Shipping (Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage and International Fund for Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage) Regulations 1996GN No. 110 of 1996
26.Merchant Shipping (Seamen's Code) Regulations 1993
GN No. 78 of 1993
27.Merchant Shipping (Load Line) Regulations 1993GN No. 77 of 1993