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                                                                                       Marine Conservation Division
​The Marine Conservation Division is responsible for the long-term protection and conservation of marine bio-diversity and habitats for sustainable use while maximizing economic and social benefits derived from the coastal zone through the following activities:
(a) manage Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and contribute to a regional/global network of  marine and coastal protected areas.
(b) assess Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) documents and Preliminary Environmental Reports (PER) and make appropriate recommendations to the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity, and Environment and Sustainable Development.
(c)  participate in Post-EIA/PER EIA/PER Monitoring Committee for works carried out in the coastal zone.
(d)  assess and make recommendations on proposals for coastal development and tourism related projects.
(e)  monitor state of corals, seagrass and associated biota, through field and underwater surveys, in Marine Protected Areas and coastal waters.
(f)   underwater ecological surveys for coastal development and tourism related projects such as undersea walk activities, demarcation of swimming zones, construction of jetties and the placing of platforms.
(g)  regulate permissible activities through the issue of permits for the Blue Bay Marine Park and interference permits for the other Marine Protected Areas.
(h)   provide views and recommendations to the National Ramsar Committee.
(i)   sensitize the public on Marine Protected Areas, sustainable development and use of the coastal zone. 
                                                                                                                                            Table1: Marine Protected Areas in Mauritius
​Protected Area​​
​Area (ha)
​​​Blue Bay Marine Park​
​​Balaclava Marine Park
​Poste Lafayette Fishing Reserve
​Poudre D'or Fishing Reserve
​2 542
​Trou d'Eau Douce Fishing Reserve
​Port Louis Fishing Reserve
​Grand Port Mahebourg Fishing Reserve
​1 828
​Rivière Noire Fishing Reserve
 Table 2: Type of permits issued by the Marine Conservation Division and  their respective charges

​Documents needed
​​​​Boat/Vessel permit in Marine Parks
(a) AF - Artisanal fishing boat for registered fishermen

(b) Other Boats/Vessels
No fee
Rs 5000 yearly or
           Rs 100 weekly
(a) 4 passport-size photographs
(b) Copy of Identity Card and Passport (for non-residents)
(c) Fishermen registration card(for registered fishermen)
(d) Tourism Enterprise Licence issued by the Tourism  Authority
(e) Boat Insurance Certificate
(f ) Skipper’s Licence
​Interference permit
in Marine Protected Areas
(a) for permanent structures

(b) for temporary structures
 Initial fee
Rs 75000
Renewal yearly fee
Rs 7000

Rs 7000 per month
or part thereof
(a) 4 passport-size photographs
(b)Copy of Identity Card and Passport (for non-residents)
​Commercial activity permit in Marine Parks/Reserves(Glass bottom boating, boat transporting persons for the purpose of snorkelling, diving)
Rs 5000 yearly
(a) 4 passport-size photographs
(b)Copy of Identity Card and Passport(for non- residents)
(c)Tourism Enterprise Licence
(d) Boat Insurance Certificate
(e)Skipper's Licence

Downloadable Forms 
Duly filled-in application forms for permit(s) other than in the Blue Bay Marine Park should be submitted together with three passport-size photographs of the applicant to the Albion Fisheries Research Centre, Albion, Petite Rivière.
Note: Application for permits for permissible activities within the Blue Bay Marine Park should be made at the Blue Bay Marine Centre, Coastal Road, Blue Bay.

Contact Details
(1)  Divisional Scientific Officer
Marine Conservation Division
Albion Fisheries Research Centre
Petite Rivière
Republic of Mauritius
Phone: (230) 238 4100, (230) 238 4829, (230) 4019
Fax: (230) 238 4184
 (2) Officer-in-Charge
Blue Bay Marine Park Centre
Mahebourg-Blue Bay Link Road, Blue Bay
Phone/Fax: (+230) 631 2803