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Ministry of Blue Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping

FAO/Indian Ocean Tuna Commission

Mauritius acceded to the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) on 10 October, 1994. The IOTC has been set up within the framework of the FAO. The adoption of the Agreement for the establishment of the IOTC dates back to 25 November 1993.
The Commission aims at the promotion of cooperation among its members with a view to ensure, through management measures, the conservation and rational exploitation of tuna stock.
The area of concern of the Commission is the Indian Ocean. Membership is opened to coastal states and states whose vessels are engaged in fishing in the Indian Ocean. The Commission may also admit as observer any member or associate member of the FAO upon its request.
According to the agreement, the Commission shall elect its chairperson and two vice-chairperson, each of whom shall serve for a term of two years and for two terms at the most. Meeting of the Commission will be held annually.
The secretary of the Commission shall be appointed by the Director General of the FAO with the approval of the Commission. The secretary shall be responsible for implementing the policies and activities of the Commission and shall report thereon the latter.
The Commission shall establish a permanent Scientific Committee. The activities of the latter will include: collection and analysis of data, coordinate research activities and report to the Commission.
At each regular session, the Commission shall adopt its autonomous budget by consensus of its members. Each member shall contribute annually its share of the budget in accordance with the scale of contribution to be adopted by Commission.
The first session for the IOTC was held at the FAO Headquarters, Rome 3 to 6 December 1996. 14 members of the Commission attended the session. During the meeting, Seychelles was declared the country selected to host the Secretariat of the Commission. Other items which figured on the agenda were appointment of Secretary of the IOTC, relationship with other bodies, adoption of the scheme and scale of contribution, adoption of the Budget of the Commission and financial regulations.
Tuna data are analysed regularly and results are presented during scientific meetings.  The last paper "Status of Tuna Fisheries in Mauritius" was presented during the Scientific Committee Indian Ocean Tuna Commission which was held in 2002 in Seychelles.
For further details, please contact the Fisheries Research Division at Albion Fisheries Research Centre - Email:


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