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Ministry of Blue Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping

Marine Science Division

Fisheries -  Marine Science Division

•Carry out research on the coastal marine ecosystems and water quality in order to contribute to sustainable use of coastal marine resources.
Key priorities
• Understand the coastal ecosystem for sustainable use of the resources.
• Collect ecological/biological information on the coastal marine ecosystem.
• Rehabilitate mangroves on denuded areas to enhance coastal protection and productivity.
• Monitor water quality to study the trends in water quality characteristics.
• Investigate cases of pollution and fish mortality.
• Attend to cases of stranded mammals/turtles.
• Monitor water quality at public beaches for public health aspects.
• Study hydrodynamics of the lagoon and advise on coastal development activities.
• Disseminate information on the importance of the coastal marine ecosystems.

•The aim of the Marine Science Division is to carry out research on the marine environment for the protection, management and conservation of its resources for the benefit of fishers, tourists and the general public.

Sites studied
Permanent Monitoring Sites For Coral Reef Monitoring

Monitoring of ex-sand mining sites

Sand mining was banned in October 2001.  Regular monitoring of the four sites namely Grand Gaube, Poudre d'Or, GRSE and Mahebourg show that there is gradual recolonisation of the seabed with sea-grass and other associated marine organisms.
Thalassodendron ciliatum
Parameters analysed
Physico-chemical parameters
• pH, Temperature, Salinity, Dissolved oxygen, Chemical Oxygen Demand, Nitrate-nitrogen, Phosphate, Trace metals (mercury), Pesticides
Coliform bacteria
• Faecal coliform
• Total coliform
Coral reef studies (carried out at 12 sites / 23 stations)
 • Identification of marine organisms  
 • Studies on percentage coral cover and Coral bleaching  
 • Coral spawning and recruitment  
 • Eradication of Crown of Thorns Starfish (COTs)  
 • Fish and invertebrate count  
 • Ad-hoc surveys on coastal development works
Mangrove conservation and propagation:
 • As at to-date, about 220 000 mangrove seedlings have been propagated over an extent of ~ 12 hectares at selected sites around the island.
Stranded marine mammals/turtles:
• In cases of stranded marine mammals/turtles, the Ministry is the sole authority responsible to activate the "Auction Plan for Stranded Marine Mammals/Turtles" in collaboration with different Ministries/Organizations.
 Elephant seal "Cyril" - 2007
 Cyril at AFRC
Turtle hatchlings at Gris Gris, 10 January, 2008.  A green turtle laid eggs on the Gris Gris beach on 31 October 2007
Services provided
• Maintain links with institutions involved in the preservation and conservation of the environment
• Advise the general public and fishermen on issues pertaining to marine ecosystems and water quality.
• Technical advice on propagation of mangroves to concerned stakeholders.

Protocol used by the Fisheries Division to address environmental complaints

Contact Details
Albion Fisheries Research Centre, Albion, Petite Rivière
Tel No: 238 4829 & 238 4100 Fax No: 238 4184
​Contact Person Title​ Tel No​ Fax No​ Email​
Mrs. M. Hurbungs Divisional Scientific Officer (230) 2385195 (230) 2384184
Mrs. M. Koonjul Scientific Officer (230) 2541030  230) 2384184
Mr. H. Bhudoye Scientific Officer (230) 2384100 (230) 2384184
Mr. V. Mangar Senior Technical Officer (230) 2384100​ (230) 2384184


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