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Ministry of Blue Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping

Fisheries Research Division

Fisheries - Fisheries Research Division
To ensure sustainable use, development of our fisheries resources. 
Monitor and carry out research on the different fisheries to ensure the sustainable use of the fishery resources.
To improve knowledge on fish stocks and non-consumptive resources
To disseminate information and knowledge on fisheries.
To provide advice for fisheries management.
Maintain and update records of fishery statistics for estimation of fish landings. 
Maintain and update records of data on offshore demersal fishery for estimation of yields and for provision of advice on their management. 
Determine growth parameter estimates for fish at St Brandon, Albatross, Soudan, Hawkins and small northern banks. 
Monitor catch and effort of the St Brandon inshore and semi-industrial chilled fish fishery, Albatross, Soudan, Hawkins and small northern banks. 
Provide advice for fishery management. 
Develop management measures for Saint Brandon and related demersal fisheries. 
•  Strengthen capabilities in stock assessment practices and procedures used in determining total allowable catches and adequacy of fisheries-related data and provision of data. 
Develop resource management plans for sustainable exploitation of the resources. 
Monitor fish toxicity and harmful microalgae. 
Assess the stock of sea cucumber in the lagoon for sustainable exploitation. 
Monitor the fishing activity related to the removal of sea cucumber from the lagoon. 
Participate in the South West Indian Ocean Fisheries Project (SWIOFP). 
Monitor fish toxicity and harmful microalgae. 
Develop and maintain an integrated management system for marine information and disseminate information to scientists and visitors. 
Coordinate and organise visits at AFRC. 
Provide to marine scientists in the region with scientific information on request and enhance the use of indigenous scientific information on fisheries. 
Statistical bulletin (restricted circulation).
Reports (restricted circulation)
• Scientific papers.
Annual reports.
• Posters.
• Pamphlets 
Phone: (230) 238 4100, (230) 238 4829
Fax: (230) 238 4184
Contact Person
Tel. No. + (230)
+ (230)
Mr. S. Soondron
 Scientific Officer
238 4019
238 4184
Mr. L. Mootoosamy
Scientific Officer
238 4100
 238 4184 
Mr. S. Khadun
Scientific Officer
238 4100
238 4184


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